We regularly have surfers staying at Sanbis resort.

Doug Spong (Ex Rip Curl, Billabong and then his own brand Cult) for example just recently stayed at Sanbis and will be back again soon.

We also have 4 boards ranging from 6 – 7.5 f in case a board gets offloaded with the airlines. Surfers should also consider bringing spare fins, of course wax and maybe a spare leg rope.

Timi, one of our staff, is one of Gizo’s best surfers. He usually takes our surfing guests to the breaks.

There are three usually good breaks: Titiana (LH), Paelongge (RH) and Outside Naru (RH)). Titiana is about 13 minutes from Sanbis by boat, Paelongge about 20 minutes and Naru about 7 minutes.

The best time for surf is during the Australian cyclone season but best is between November and end of April when we have N/NW winds.